What makes Medicins Legale so unique?

We navigate the complex medico-legal process with deep expertise, understanding and empathy. We are in regular contact with injured people and clients, we keep all parties updated on appointments, milestones and expectations.

We specialise in

• Independent Medical Examinations

• Injury Management Consultations

• Earning Capacity Assessments

• File Reviews

• Telehealth Assessments

• Hospital/ Home Visitation

• Seminars

• Liaison with Treating Practitioners

• Case Conferences

• Insurer In House Consulting

• Claims Pharmacy

• Medication Management Support

We offer our services through

•  Worker’s Compensation

•  CTP

•  Victim’s Compensation

•  Functional Capacity Evaluations

•  Earning Capacity Assessments

•  Telehealth Assessments

•  Health Care (Complaints Commission)

Download the PDF for the full range of our services

• Pre-Employment Medicals

• Life & Disability Insurance

• Fitness for Work


• Department of Veterans Affairs

• Medical Negligence

• Company Medical Officer

Download the PDF for the full range of our services

Additional services

Medicins Legale regularly provide free seminars and webinars

We provide informative and educational training sessions for our many customers. In addition to the standard suite of medico-legal services, Medicins Legale can also provide a range of unique and specialised training opportunities and tailored services.